In keeping with our commitment to fiscal transparency, this section explains the values and commitments that V&M’s leadership uses when making financial decisions.

Our commitment to radical hospitality causes us to strive toward an open-handed approach to finances, while avoiding a hoarding mentality.  Therefore:

  • We ask V&M’ers to share generously with V&M through regular and committed giving.
  • We ensure that V&M shares its resources with the broader community.

Our commitment to creative liberation causes us to maximize the ways in which our finances contribute to human dignity and environmental flourishing, and avoid exploitation. Therefore:

  • We embrace a triple-bottom line approach (which weighs financial, social, and environmental impacts) to decisions related to raising and spending money.

Our commitment to deep listening causes us to view ourselves as interdependent stewards, rather than private owners, of the resources of God’s Creation. Therefore:

  • We adopt procedures that enhance financial transparency.
  • We exercise discipline in spending.
  • We seek to be receptive to the Spirit’s guidance in decision-making.