Job Opening: Director of Operations

Valley & Mountain seeks candidates who are passionate about supporting the daily operations of the community, building and managing systems, and event organizing.

Primary Role: Leading the organizational operations of Valley and Mountain and coordinating the logistical side of staff and volunteer work to create our Sunday Celebrations (celebration = our word for church services). Read about us at:

Commitment to Diversity: We are situated in a wonderfully diverse neighborhood, and we seek to reflect that in our leadership, staff, and congregation. We especially encourage people of color and members of the LGBTQI community to apply.

Success on the Job: To be successful in this position, the person will need to fit into an organizational culture that places high value on authenticity, compassion, racial and economic justice, creative thinking, rapid change, personal relationships, fun, imperfection, and collaboration. An impressive variety of theological beliefs exist in our community, and we do not require dogmatic conformity, but we are committed to creating a more just and joyful world. Success at V&M comes from earning trust, creating a loving space for belonging, practicing grace (unconditional love) as best you can, and enabling others to do the same. The Director of Operations will have a great deal of autonomy in their work, and will need to be comfortable leading, creating new systems, and communicating the purpose of their work to others.

Compensation: $2,000/month, 4 weeks paid sick leave/vacation, 6 Sundays off per year, no health.

Hours: 20 hours/week. 3.5 hours must be during Sunday Celebrations from 9:30 AM to 1 PM. Additional hours to be during the week and schedule established in conjunction with other staff after hiring.

Reports to: Conveners (our word for Pastors)

Colleagues: Will work frequently with the Collaboratory Director of Operations and the Collaboratory Director of Community Engagement, particularly on financial matters and facilities-related issues. The Collaboratory is the space that V&M co-founded and fiscally sponsors. Will also work with the V&M Board Treasurer, and on occasion with the Ravenna Collaboratory Director of Operations.

Direct Reports: Celebration Volunteers (i.e., Set Up team, Greeters, Liturgists, Clean Up Crew)

Application and Hiring Process: Position is now open and applications will be accepted until the position is filled. Applications, cover letters, and references should be sent to Rev. John Helmiere at [email protected] with the subject heading “[Your Last Name here] - Director of Operations Application.” Please send application materials in pdf form and title them with the same formatting used in the subject heading: “[Your Last Name here] - Director of Operations Application/Cover Letter/References”

About the Church: V&M’s core values are: Deep Listening, Creative Liberation, and Radical Hospitality. Our theological roots are in liberation theology, contemplative practice, and mystical Christianity. Our The congregation is growing and currently has about 110 regularly participating adults, and 30+ children. We meet for Sunday services, called Celebrations, at the Hillman City Collaboratory, a multi-purpose justice, service, and arts center we co-founded in 2013. This means we must set up and take down our supplies each Sunday to allow for multiple other space users. Services start at 11:00 AM and last about 80 minutes. We currently average 75-80 people at our Sunday services. Our services are emphatically family-friendly and we endeavor to make them as multicultural and multi-ethnic as authentically possible.. The median age of the church is early 30’s. We are about 30% POC (in order of representation, we are Black, Asian-American, and Latinx), and 70% people of European descent. Our Board leadership is diverse and we are deeply committed to dismantling white supremacy and building the beloved community.

V&M is affiliated with the Pacific NW Conference of The United Methodist Church. We began as a “parachute drop” church plant in 2010, co-founded the Hillman City Collaboratory in 2013, launched our current weekly Sunday morning service in 2016, and in 2017 we chartered as a self-sustaining, official UMC church. We are in the slow process of starting a second congregation in a neighborhood about 30 minutes away (Ravenna) where we were given a building by a dying church. V&M is lightly staffed and the Director of Operations will be our first formal administrator.

Required Skills, Competencies, and Traits:

  • Organized systems builder and maintainer
  • Creativity and self-starter
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Ability to quickly learn how to operate cloud-based software
  • Capable of managing and thanking volunteers
  • Ongoing personal commitment to anti-racism work
  • Ongoing personal commitment to LGBTQI liberation work
  • Ongoing personal commitment to inclusivity for people with disabilities

Desirable Skills, Competencies, and Traits:

  • Bookkeeping experience
  • Graphic design skills
  • Volunteer recruitment

Core Responsibilities:

1. Financial Duties

  • Serve as liaison with Jitasa, our accounting service
  • Serve as liaison with Gusto, our payroll service
  • Treasurer duties: pay invoices, categorize receipts
  • Make deposits after church services (Celebrations) on Sundays
  • Use Breeze CMS, our contact/donor management software, to oversee giving: manage pledge list, send quarterly donation statements (including end-of-year tax letter), work with the pledge drive committee to put on annual pledge drive, ensure follow-up occurs for new/modified/deleted recurring gifts
  • Manage any changes with our online payment processing platform, bank accounts, etc.

2. Administration

  • Ensure follow-up occurs for new people who join newsletter list and Co-Creator list
  • Uploading podcasts/videos
  • Update website (mostly involves updating the calendar, but also posting special announcements and other significant changes)
  • Maintaining Breeze CMS databases: including data entry, follow-up tasks, etc.
  • Other duties as assigned

3. Event Management

  • Be available on Sunday mornings from 9:30 AM to 1 PM
  • Lead volunteer efforts of space set up, hospitality, clean up
  • Be in charge of supplies for Sunday Celebrations
  • As time allows, support communications and planning efforts for other events such as social justice actions, community service activities, small group gatherings, committee meetings, and trainings
  • Communications with volunteers and staff for Celebration each week
  • Make Sunday bulletins
  • Publicize events outside of Sunday Celebrations on Facebook
  • Populate website calendar