Tiana Powell

Apprentice Convener & Interim Director of Operations

Tiana is an apprentice convener at Valley and Mountain, and also currently acting as interim Director of Operations. You’ll find her running around in the background on Sundays making sure the bulletins don’t get printed upside down, and can be spotted wearing sandals 97% percent of the year. 

Before moving to Seattle almost three years ago, Tiana spent a few months on the Olympic Peninsula taking time to be in the wilderness, physically and spiritually. That time was one of many catalysts for deep questions about her perspective of the Divine and organized religion. Valley and Mountain has been a space she found she could be completely unsure of any “answers” and still completely Beloved. Raised in the Pacific Northwest, she still carries remnants of the wilderness wherever she goes. 

Tiana is a creative, relator, nurturer, and advocate. She feels most alive creating space in which all people feel they can belong, and amplifying the voices of the oppressed through social justice action and different art forms. She is especially passionate about re-integrating body awareness into collective spiritual practice, and is studying to practice as a Body Psychotherapist. 

Her hope for Valley and Mountain is that we continue to grow as an organism of Beloved People, rooted in grace, motivated by hope, and reflecting the mysterious beauty of all creation in the ways we live, pushing the edges of our comfort zones for the sake of compassionate action.