V&M Music Tracks!

A Little Christmas Gift from our V&M Musicians

a socially distanced jam session

🎄🧑‍🎄'Twas the weekend before Christmas and all through our houses, not an instrument was playing, not even a...kazoo?? (turns out finding an instrument that rhymes with "house" or "mouse" is really difficult)

Anyway... we deeply miss making music with the V&M community. As a gift for ourselves and you, we decided to have a jam session via Jamulus (Zoom for musicians), and recorded a few songs for you! Like any Zoom meeting these days you might hear random sounds of dogs barking, children crying, and other random clicks and bangs from our houses, but we hope you smile while remembering the beautiful chaos that would typically surround us when we were together in the Collab if you hear them 😁!

We wish you all a merry Christmas, and hope that, in spite of 2020, you find ways to make beautiful memories and maybe even some new traditions. Click the songs below to listen!

     A Light

     Peace On Earth

     O Holy Night

     Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

PS if you'd like to download any of these tracks - click on the 3 dots in the media player.

A HUGE thanks to: Yasmin Ravard-Andresen (vocals), Casey James (guitar, organ, recording/mixing), Paul Gabrielson (bass), Sandy Greenbaum (percussion), Neal Sharpe (piano, vocals), and Dave Andresen & kids for tech support, background baby coos, and keeping it entertaining.