Afternoon Celebration

The 4 pm gathering is designed to be a constantly fresh and engaging experience especially for those uninterested or simply bored by more conventional services and churches. This Celebration is designed to be participatory, relationship-oriented, and spiritually inclusive. It takes place in 3 movements. 

The first movement is a mix of music and quality content for spiritual reflection-- either an engaging message or an interview with a thought-provoking person. 

In the second movement we break into “Encounter Groups” for 20 minutes, where you can choose from a variety of spiritual practices in a sort of choose-your-own-adventure format. We offer 3 or 4 Encounter Groups that vary from week to week. Examples are: singing, yoga, meditation, making sandwiches for the street ministry, taking action on a social justice issue, lectio divina (sacred reading), silence, or discussing that day’s message/interview.

The third movement is a simple meal (gluten free and vegan options) that we share with each other as we build relationships. The meal starts around 5:10pm (you can go then if you need to). This is meant to be an intimate service and about 30-50 people on average show up.