Taize (Hillman City)

From January-March, we are offering Taize services twice a month. First Sundays at 8pm at the Hillman City Collab. Third Sundays at 8pm at the Ravenna Collab.

Taize is the name of an ecumencial monastery in France that developed a beautiful, simplistic, mystical kind of service that attracts hundreds of thousands of (mostly young) people from around the world to visit their small community every year.  There is no leader, no up front person, no announcements, no sermon. It is a series of simple easy beautiful songs, a 5-8 minutes of meditative silence, a time of spoken prayer, and a few readings. It often appeals to people looking for a deep, peaceful, meditative, communal, personal experience. On one level it doesn't feel very social because each person has their own candle and bulletin and it's not shaky-handsy. But on another level it deeply connects you to those around you when you join your voices together. And sharing silence is a profound activity. It's also great for introverts or for extroverts seeking to pause and listen inwardly. Hopefully a tradition will develop for folks who want to, to grab a drink and socialize afterwards, if that's what you're feeling.

If you have questions or want to be involved you can contact Laura ([email protected])