Adrienne Papermaster

Board of Gardeners

Adrienne Papermaster is a queer middle-aged person living with chronic health conditions. Born to a Catholic mother and a Jewish father, she's always been on a spiritual path and has had to find her own way, resulting in deep connections with several spiritual traditions. She is a mystic, a healer who talks with animals, a photographer, a lover of sacred play, and a connector of people and communities. Valley and Mountain has been her spiritual home since 2017 and she is deeply grateful to have found a community that feeds her spirit, spurs her to action, and accepts her completely as she is.

Adrienne has a few credentials, including Masters degrees in Systems Counseling & Acupuncture and second degree certification in three Reiki lineages. She is an experienced project manager, regulatory specialist, writer, editor, volunteer coordinator and business owner. Her volunteer work is focused on direct support of people and animals living in precarity. 

Adrienne has been a catalyst for co-creation at V&M, working with conveners, staff, and community members to help everyone who wants to be more involved find a clear pathway to share their gifts. She is also part of the Care Team and looks forward to continued nurturing of V&M's culture of care and co-creation. Adrienne's vision for V&M includes further expanding our understanding and practice of radical hospitality, deepening our interfaith connections and solidarity with other progressive spiritual communities, and strengthening our financial base while finding a new congregational home as we grow into our potential as a spiritual and physical hub for radical re-imagination of community.