Osagyefo Sekou

Pastor for Theology and Arts

Rev. Osagyefo Sekou is V&M's Pastor of Theology and Arts. He joined the team as Theologian-in-Residence in the Fall of 2020, and now serves as Co-Convener. A renowned musician, author, public intellectual, filmmaker, and community organizer, Rev. Sekou's role on staff is leading programs for theological formation, trainings on the theory and tactics of nonviolence civil disobedience, offering pastoral care, and contributing leadership and vision to our community.

DeAnza Spaulding

Pastor for Congregational Care and Table Turning

Dr. DeAnza Spaulding is V&M's Pastor for Congregational Care and Table Turning, on the core leadership team (Board of Gardeners). Asked to share a little about herself, her reasons for participating in V&M, and her vision for the V&M's future, she writes...

"Hello, I'm DeAnza. I'm a mama of two babes & two cats. We live in Columbia city where we enjoy riding our bikes, eating ice cream, breakdancing and befriending our neighbor pups. I'm an advocate, researcher, friend, therapist, girlfriend and daydreamer. 

We've been coming to V&M since January 2015 and found that the community has been a sanctuary in our curiosity, hope, weariness, skepticism and everything in between. After serving in a pastoral capacity, I was looking for a place to call home and just as I was ready to call it... we found Valley & Mountain and we have been coming out ever since. 

I believe that V&M is a place that fully embraces all people, seeks justice and fights for justice for the oppressed and values diversity. V&M is a place of peace, welcome, grace, advocacy, hope and genuine care for our community and the environment."

Summer Diegel

Director for Youth & Family Education

Summer Gail Diegel is V&M's director of youth & family education, and serves the community through leading our children's and youth ministry programs. They love fantasy, and especially enjoy collaborating with people of all-ages in imagination, play, and exploring the Divine universe. Summer holds over a decade of experience in the service of children, elders, & families with diverse needs and embraces playfulness as an ally in embodied companionship.

Summer is a full-spectrum care worker committed to teaching through modeling consent and compassion in learning, and practicing intergenerational community care. Summer graduated with a B.A. in comparative religion through the Theology & Religious Studies program at Seattle University in 2019. Summer is also on the board of directors with A Sacred Passing: Death Midwifery and Education.