What To Expect

Multicultural, Family-friendly, Spiritually Vibrant

The 11am gathering started in the fall of 2016. It lasts about 75 minutes and is designed to be energetic, family-friendly, multicultural and multi-ethnic, and empowering.

At this service, we emphasize gospel music, nature-based, and world music. Each week we celebrate Communion, a sacrament where all who desire to affirm unconditional love (grace) are welcome to come forward and receive bread and grape juice. 

People dress how they like - from fancy to casual. Coffee and healthy snacks are available throughout. Right now about 100 people show up to this gathering, including many kids.

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Children's Ministry

Children are very welcome at Valley & Mountain! There is a staffed playroom for wee ones available starting at 10:45am lasting until the end of the service. This is optional! For most kids, they are will their parents for the first 30 minutes of the service, and then kids are invited to join the program in the children’s space for about 30 minutes (they can stay with you parents if you prefer). We have multiple classrooms for the different age groups. We take the spiritual lives of children seriously and offer a play-based, story-centered, empathetic, liberatory form of spiritual education that moves beyond  moralism and indoctrination, and into helping kids develop compassionate ethics and a genuine spiritual imagination.


Messages and Interviews each Sunday

An engaging, relevant, provocative reflection or interview is part of both Celebrations each Sunday. We record the majority of our Reflections and post them on our weekly podcast, creatively called "Valley & Mountain Podcast" which you can listen to on your favorite podcast app or click the "Listen Now" button below.

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The 11 am service offers a world music mix, with an emphasis on gospel music. Our leader is Yasmin Ravard-Andresen, who also directs the Resistance Choir.

Interested in helping with music? Reach out to Yasmin to connect more about what that might look like.

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