V&M is a compost bucket kind of church. We’re like leaves, twigs, and apple cores that get mixed together in community and heated up by the Spirit, to become a life-giving soil. Compost is only useful when it integrates and contributes to the ecosystem around it, helping other things thrive. And that’s our model for doing justice at V&M.

Solidarity Statement

V&M is committed to intersectional solidarity, including racial justice, LGBTQ+ liberation, gender justice, and ecological flourishing, and other movements for liberation. All three of our core values call us to these commitments. 

  • Deep Listening reminds us that we only have a slice of the truth, and calls us to learn from others, especially those whose voices have been historically marginalized. 
  • Creative Liberation reminds us that God is on the side of the oppressed, and calls us to throw off our yokes and take risky stands in solidarity with others throwing off theirs. 
  • Radical Hospitality reminds us that the Divine is present in others and calls us to the ongoing work of deconstructing privilege and growing in mutuality.

Resistance Choir

Bringing music to the movement and the margins

The working vision for the Resistance Choir is to be a multi-ethnic choir sharing songs of liberation, standing against the Empire, and supporting local social justice action. The choir brings the power of music to marches, actions, and places of (in)justice. It also brings music to V&M Celebrations for those who desire!

Table Turning

Table Turning Logo Zoom In

In 2011 we added a new justice-centered holiday to our annual calendar, Table Turning Day.  Each year we carry out a direct action sometime between Palm Sunday and Good Friday to commemorate the day when Jesus walked into the Temple and turned over the tables of the money changers. Turning the tables at a symbolically-charged location that was controlled by the economic, political, and religious power elite, was a symbolic act challenging the complicity of his own leaders in his people’s oppression. And three days later Jesus was arrested by the Roman Empire and given a rebel’s execution. We think this is an important, and often ignored, part of the story and reminds people that this is a subversive tradition. While justice should be a daily practice not a once-a-year one, we hope this holiday will highlight this part of the story for people. In the past 7 years other congregations have been inspired by this and done their own actions. It has been covered by Sojourners magazine, Patheos.com, the Making Contact radio show, and numerous local new sources.

View the Table Turning website

Creative Liberation

At V&M we are inspired to join the movement Jesus was on to “bring good news to poor, proclaim release to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to let the oppressed go free, and to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.” (footnote: The year of the Lord’s favor refers to the abolition of debt, slavery, and servitude, the establishment of peace, and rest for the environment). We practice life-giving creativity and call out oppressive systems through a great variety of means.

Kids & Justice

We believe children have an important place in creating another world. Many of the actions we participate in are intergenerational and organized with parenting and child care in mind. Our children’s ministry encourages children to grapple with justice issues in developmentally appropriate ways. V&M is welcoming an increasing number of families into our community and we are actively trying to find ways to incorporate the participation and gifts of children into our justice efforts.

Causes and Partners

A sample of the movements and causes we partner with:

Hillman City Collaboratory  We co-founded and continue to manage the Collab which is a community hub, social change incubator, and Drop-In Center for people experiencing homelessness.

Interfaith Economic Justice Coalition  Through the IEJC we have been part of the SeaTac worker justice movement, the $15 Minimum Wage campaign, and efforts to combat Islamaphobia.

Black Lives Matter and No New Youth Jail  We have marched regularly and participated in various actions in coordination with these movements.

Operation Nightwatch  We make and serve meals to 100+ people at various times throughout the year.