It’s possible to go through life on the surface of things, securely floating in our little lifeboat where everything seems comfortable and explainable. V&M is like a scuba diving school that helps us get out of the boat and dive deep into the vast, unchartable expanse of the Divine, in whom we live and move and have our being. With practice and support we learn to move with the currents and ride with the tides of the Holy Spirit.


Every Sunday 11:00 am


Valley & Mountain is rooted in the subversive and mystical Christian traditions. The mystical tradition promotes a theological posture of humility, realizing that God breaks all boundaries and categories. There is an ultimate truth, but we may only have a fragment of it. In that spirit we practice an attitude of hospitality for wisdom from all paths and experiences. The subversive tradition experiences God as a force of liberation in the world, and calls us to align ourselves with the oppressed. 

Both traditions emphasize the call to personal and social transformation, more than the acceptance of a long list of particular doctrines. Because we are not dogmatic and we affirm that a vibrant spiritual life evolves over our lifetime, many people find this to be a safe place to ask honest questions, wrestle, disagree, take stances, and go through changes. At the same time, we take beliefs and theology seriously, and one of our core values is helping people to dive deeper and constantly cultivate a more mature spiritual life and practice.

One thing we all share at V&M is the desire for authentic community in which to develop mature spiritual lives that are rooted in transformative love—not sappy sentimental love—but rather an unconditional, liberating love that confronts injustice and alienation, and generates community, creativity, and wholeness. Many of us in the V&M community call this love grace, the source of it God, and see its embodiment in Jesus who confronted oppression at every turn. We affirm an Original Blessing (rather than original sin) from our source, the Author of Life. Whatever perspective you have, you are welcome at V&M.

Spiritual Maturity

We believe the greatest leaps in spiritual maturity occur when we say Yes to our callings. This happens beyond the limits of formal gatherings, groups, and programs. 

Spiritual maturity comes when your courage is tested, your categorizes are transcended, and your heart is expanded. We encourage and support people to step into spiritual leadership and practice at V&M and beyond. We are a community of co-creators and invite people to lead in many ways. 

We also have an apprenticeship program and at any given time usually have several apprentices, interns, associates, student pastors, or church planting residents in the mix.

Children’s Ministry

intergenerational rest, respect, and love

V&M Children's Ministry is woven into our virtual liturgy each Sunday as an invitation to uplift children’s voices and share time learning about spiritual questions, words, or stories. Join us each week over at Celebration on zoom to read, practice mindfulness, stretch, learn new things and share in making meaning together!

New to V&M? V&M’s Director of Children’s Ministry would love to connect with you and send your family a welcome package! During the ongoing pandemic, V&M families can sign up for seasonal packages containing at-home spiritual resources for building curiosity and wonder.

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Small Groups

Deep community, spiritual maturity

When small groups build trust and supportive common vision, they can become a place of profound life transformation. All of our groups are rooted in the quest for deep relationships and spiritual maturity. 

We currently have 7 ongoing Small Groups that meet regularly. Each group has a pair of trained co-facilitators that help the group (7-12 people) create a container where folks can be authentic together. 

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