Mercedes Montgomery

Pastor for Celebration Arts & Administration

Rev. Mercedes Montgomery is Valley & Mountain's Pastor of Celebration Arts and Administration.  On Easter 2022, Rev. Montgomery began to serve as the Choir Director of Valley and Mountain Fellowship.  She established our first weekly choir, led our largest Xmas eve service, and coordinated volunteers for Celebration set up and special events.  Over the past year, Rev. Montgomery has displayed a deep pastoral commitment in every aspect of her work with Valley and Mountain Fellowship.   Both the staff and board have been moved by her ability to navigate conflict and expand our understanding of what it means to be faithful in a multiracial and multicultural congregation.   

In the newly established position, Rev. Montgomery will establish a Celebration Arts department to deepen and further integrate the arts throughout our programming, coordinate celebration volunteers, and band.  With the support of the newly established Finance Committee of the Board of Gardeners (Church Council), Rev. Montgomery will help create new structures for our financial systems.  

Rev. Montgomery holds a B.A. in Business Administration for Warner Pacific College.  In the past, she has served as the Executive Pastor, employment specialist, and HR professional.  She is a professional singer who has toured the United States. Rev. Montgomery is a third generation ordained Pentecostal pastor. Her mother and grandfather both founded interracial congregations in the deep South when the sight of Black and White folks worshipping together could be deadly.  In a word, multiracial ministry is in her bones.