Beloved Community Online Group

2023 Small Groups

This year V&M is hosting Beloved Community Groups. Community groups give us the opportunity to regularly meet and get to know each other more. We will be reading The Life of the Beloved by Henri Nouwen.

About Community Groups

Goal: Build community + mature spiritually

Content: At each gathering, participants respond to the ancient question, "How is it with your soul?" to cut through the small talk and get into what is really happening in our lives. Participants also dive into a spiritual topic or practice at each meeting. The topics will correspond to the theme of the book's chapters.

Frequency: Twice per month from mid January to mid-May with breaks during holidays.

Days/Times/Locations: This will depend on the schedules of the facilitators and on who is interested in joining. We will try to group people based on availability if possible.

Commitment: Out of the 15 meetings, we are seeking people willing to commit to attending at least 12 of those meetings (understanding that emergencies do come up). Group Size: 7-10 people.

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