Rainier Arts Center

Welcome to Valley & Mountain!

We call our services Celebrations to remind us of why we gather. We gather to celebrate the blessings of community, of love, of justice, of liberation, and to celebrate the source of all good things. Whatever your philosophy or theology about that Source, you are welcome at V&M.

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When: Celebration begins at 11AM Pacific time. We encourage folks to come a little early (arrive between 10:40-11a) as we’ll be hand sanitizing at the door, making name tags, getting used to a new space, and catching up with one another! 

If you are online, join us by poppin' into the comment box in the meantime (you must be logged in to a Youtube/Google account to comment). Service will begin around 11AM, and you might enjoy the live music as you get settled in!

Where: The Rainier Arts Center 3515 S Alaska St, Seattle, WA 98118 on the corner of Rainier Ave S and S Alaska Street, near the Columbia City library and PCC.


  • An engaging online service with professional video and audio streaming to YouTube. Recordings of service are also automatically posted to V&M’s YouTube Channel and available on the V&M Website. 
  • The Digital Bulletin is available weekly in the newsletter! 
  • You'll be able to see the in-person service and the onsite congregation will be able to see your comments online. 
  • All will be invited to participate by singing along, sharing gratitude and prayers in the chat, and participating in Communion and the offering remotely. 
  • Grab a candle: we like to kick things off and create the feeling of sacred space by lighting a candle together. A leftover birthday candle, the candle from your dining table or bathroom, or something you picked out, especially for this use—anything goes! 
  • Communion: we usually share in the sacrament of communion together. Gather a food that gives you nourishment (bagel, blackberries, Sunday pancakes...) and a beverage that brings you joy (water, coffee, mimosa—whatever you like!).

Accessibility information

Location: The RAC Website has great photos and pans of the main Auditorium and the Event Hall (where children’s ministry will take place). Check it out to get a sense of what to expect. Both levels of the RAC are fully accessible and have ADA restrooms. There is an outdoor wheelchair lift to the auditorium and ramps to each level. The auditorium has reserved areas for wheelchairs. The small (15-spot) parking lot is reserved for community members with disabilities, limited mobility, or encumbrances. 

Sound: The band will play with fervor and amplification! You might consider bringing noise protection for little ones or those who are sensitive to sound. We’ll use professional streaming equipment to pipe the on-stage service out to our YouTube community. 

Scents: As this is a rented space with its own custodial services, we cannot offer a totally scent-free space. Please try to support our community by not bringing or wearing scented products to Celebration.

Allergies: The crackers used for communion are vegan and ggluten-free They are made in a facility that processes soy, sesame seeds, and tree nuts. See the full ingredient list here. 


  • Greeters will encourage everyone to use hand sanitizer at the door.
  • Masks are required and must be worn properly throughout service. KN95 Masks will be available at the door if needed.
  • Unmasked speakers will take a rapid antigen test upon early arrival.
  • On busy days, there will be a marked section for distanced seating if that makes you feel more comfortable.
  • Custom name tags with a RED-YELLOW-GREEN system will indicate attendees’ preference for distance and contact
  • If you have symptoms of COVID-19, please stay home and join the service online instead! Community members who test positive for COVID-19 will be asked to refrain from in-person V&M events for 10 days. (And let the care team know if you need help! [email protected])