​Congregation Night at James Baldwin’s The Amen Corner

Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute

Congregation Night at James Baldwin's The Amen Corner

Co-produced by The Williams Project and LANGSTON

Saturday, November 5th, 7:30 pm
Tickets and more information are available here. 
All tickets are pay-what-you-can. 

On the opening weekend of  The Amen Corner, The Williams Project is inviting faith communities to join us for a special Congregation Night. We're excited to explore Baldwin's masterpiece on faith, community, and liberation with congregations from across Seattle. 

If you can't make it to Congregation Night, the production runs from October 29th through November 20th

About The Amen Corner:
In a storefront church in Harlem, Sister Margaret’s fierce piety inspires both devotion and fear in her congregation. But when a figure from her past returns, and her son starts looking for answers outside the church door, Sister Margaret finds her standing in danger. As secrets emerge and loyalties are tested, Sister Margaret must fight for her family, her flock, and ultimately, her faith. Equal parts soaring gospel music, prophetic poetry, and gripping family drama, The Amen Corner asks audiences to face the beautiful and frightening path that leads to liberation. And gives space to, as Baldwin says, “let the church say Amen.”