Immigration Justice Cocreation

V&M Zoom Room

Join us in community-led cocreation towards immigration justice, in partnership with solidarity events led by La Resistencia, who you may organize with in community, and remember from past V&M Table Turning events.

Gather in community on zoom the third Thursday of the month at 7 PM

Why we do this: The Northwest Detention Center, located on the Tacoma tideflats, is one of the largest facilities in the US immigration detention system. It holds up to 1600 people, very few of whom are charged with any crime, for weeks, months and years, under conditions that prompt frequent hunger strikes and lawsuits. The Washington state legislature has ordered it closed by 2025, along with all other privately owned for-profit prisons in the state. But entrenched economic interests are pushing back hard. So we support La Resistencia in ongoing action to ensure that we #ShutDownNWDC. La Resistencia leads from powerful lived experience as a local grassroots organization led by undocumented immigrants. Direct actions often last about 90 minutes, outdoors, rain or shine.

Interested in connecting?

Please email: [email protected]