Join us at 4:00pm every Sunday  
@ The Hillman City Collaboratory 
(5623 Rainier Ave S. 98118)

This Sunday, September 20th at Celebration:

New Beginnings: An Unstoppable Force

As the chaotic fun of summer comes to an end around this time of year, many of us return to a more sustainable and predictable rhythm of life. This transition point offers perhaps he best opportunity we have all year to begin anew in our lives.

Join us at Celebration this September every Sunday at 4pmat the Collaboratory (5623 Rainier Ave S) as we dive into our theme: “New Beginnings.” Despite the fact that grace enables new beginnings, we struggle to believe it and to make changes.This Sunday is a special Sunday– our 5 Year Anniversary from the living room meeting where it all began…

5 Year Anniversary Celebration & Potluck Feast!

On Sunday, September 20th we will be celebrating 5 years since the first cookout at the Helmiere house where a handful of folks gathered together to eat, talk, pray, and dream together about whatever V&M could become. Could we ever have pictured all this?  We’d love to have a great turnout to the Celebration and help with decorating, cooking, inviting folks, and holding an after-party with artsy, fun activities. Email john@valleyandmountain.org if you can help with any of that!

Reliving the V&M Journey:
A walk to our 4 locations at 2pm on Saturday, Sept 19th

*photo of our very first Celebration on Dec 18, 2010 at the Rainier Community Center*

Meet at 2pm at the Rainie Community Center (4600 38th Ave S) and walk (or drive or bike) to the Collab, with 2 stops along the way.
On Join us on Saturday, September 19th for a story-telling and celebratory walk to the four places we’ve held Celebrations in our 5 years together. We’ll travel from the Rainier Community Center to the Torah Day School to the Ferdinand Building to the Collaboratory. At each stop we’ll share memories connected to our V&M tagline: “Inward Outward Onward Together.”

Inward: what led you here?  what spiritual growth did you have here?

Outward:  how did we serve the world from here?

Onward:  how did we as a community change here? what went on behind the scenes?

Together:  who did you connect with here? when did you feel like you belonged here?

Email Chad at c_goller@hotmail.com if you can help or have questions.

Giving Statements Coming Out

*click on the blue button to make a donation or set up a pledge*When it comes to money, it flies in the face of our mainstream culture to talk openly about it and to share generously with it. We are taught to be secretive and operate from a mindset of scarcity– to believe we never have enough. At V&M Celebrations every week, we pray for the courage and wisdom to know what is enough, that we might share our resources to make a huge collective impact in the world. And we’ve been doing it!

If you have been making contributions to V&M in a way we can record (online giving, check, in a marked envelope at Celebration), you can expect an email soon giving you a January-August 2015 Giving Statement coming to you email inbox soon.  V&M is now past our seed money time from the UMC so your giving is essential to making the work we do– transforming lives in our neighborhood and transforming our local community for good– possible. We couldn’t do it without  you.

Giving often slumps in the summer months, and that has been true for us this year, so if you have fallen off your intention or pledge, we invite you to catch up and help us stay financially healthy so we can do the loving and transforming we’ve set out to do (and are already doing).

Retreat Report

We had an amazing time on the retreat last weekend at the Lindwall’s house in the beautiful foothills of the Cascades. We had great volleyball competitions, laughed like mad playing Three Round Throw-Down, hiked, cooked, told spooky/ridiculous ghost stories (John claims his is not a ghost story but totally true), we celebrated Communion, reflected on what rest meant to us, and we … rested.

A million thank yous to Olivia for organizing the retreat, Annette for organizing the food, and the Lindwalls for hosting us!

Sept 23: Women’s Fall Equinox bonfire at Kelle’s house.

Fossil Free UMC Update, Call for Artists, and Special Offering

Fossil Free UMC is the movement to urge The United Methodist Church to stop investing in fossil fuels. This summer, 11 regional bodies of the United Methodist Church endorsed legislation adding fossil fuels to the denomination’s list of socially responsible investment screens. Now we’re preparing to take that legislation to the church’s global gathering next May in Portland, Oregon. We need the support of Valley and Mountain to make it happen! If you are an artist or activist who has ideas for how to create compelling, beautiful puppets, banners and other art pieces and you’d like to help build unforgettable visuals for our campaign, email Jenny Phillips. If you’d like to give online, please give through the V&M donation page and put FFUMC in the “in honor of” section.
Restoring Our Community with Restorative Justice

*Our first meeting with trainers from The Seattle Restorative Justice Project*Are you interested in being a part of the Hillman City Restorative Justice formation group? The goal is to bring a practice of healing to the relationships in our lives and the lives of those in our community. If so attend our first formation meeting by filling out this doodle poll:
Email Olivia at smitho@seattleu.edu with questions or if you would like to be added to the email list.

What is Restorative Justice? It is a real paradigm shift in the way we think about wrongdoing. It is a shift away from punishment towards repair. When a wrongdoing is committed instead of asking: “What rule was broken, who broke it and how do we punish them?” Restorative Justice ask, “What was done and to whom? What needs have arisen based on that harm? And whose obligations is it to meet the need or those multiple needs?” It is really a process that helps bring together all the multiple stakeholders together to be engaged in a reparative process ideally through consensus based decision making.

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5 Responses to home

  1. beacon hillite says:

    I just saw your article in the 12/15/10 issue of the South Seattle Beacon. This was the first I have heard about your fellowship. As a person who has been uninterested in traditional churches for pretty much my whole life, I have to say that I was pretty impressed and even a little excited about what you are doing. Celebrating creativity and working to stop injustice in the world are two of the most divine things that humans can do; I’m pleased to see that you have made this so important to your mission! Keep it up!

  2. Jud Hendrix says:


    You rock! Glad things are going well! I need to come hang you with you!

  3. Shira Nahari says:

    My Dear Brother-in-Peace John,

    I just read your incredible report of how you were beaten and arrested in Seattle recently.
    I intend to share it widely to enroll people in following your advice issued on the heels of this unprovoked abuse:
    · Listen deeply.
    · Get upset.
    · Generate Love.

    Among the recipients of your repoert will be the Mayor of Seattle, Mike McGinn and some City council members.

    You are a sterling template for unconditional Love and I am very sure Jesus would be proud to call you a disciple! You are spreading His message in a very pure form by BEing Peace.

    Blessed be
    in Love and Light,
    Shira Nahari, Everson WA

  4. Polly Burns says:

    I have just read your account of the happenings in Seattle…as I prepare to visit the city. I was there in October when the Occupy protest began and spent time with protesters. I am only there two days this time…I will be holding you in prayer and I will be publicizing your report.
    God bless you and thankyou for your challenge
    Polly in the UK

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